How it Works


We aim to make the process as easy and comfortable and pain free as possible


Firstly, gather all your items together, and place in suitable carrier, black bags, bag for life etc


We iron everything from Bed linen & sheets to underwear & socks.


Our service operates Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, and our friendly driver will call at either your home or work address at an agreed time.


On arrival, our driver will weigh your items and prduce a receipt with all the details of your costs, weights and services.


Our professional team of staff will then examine your items and procede to press or launder, to adhere to our rigorous quality standards.


Clothes are returned professionally pressed or laundered, either hung or folded, with hangers and free protection covers, usually the very next day.


Laundry 48 hour return

Dry clean 2-4 days.

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